Nagaoka Hanabi Internet Live

The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival, which is held in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture every year, will once again be broadcasted on the Internet.

The schedule is as follows (all times Japan Standard Time, UTC+9):

On Thursday, August 2nd from 19:20 to 21:30
On Friday, August 3rd from 19:20 to 21:30

This event has been broadcasted online since 2010. In 2010, nearly 42,000 people viewed the online show and that number increased dramatically the following year to over 90,000 viewers in 2011.

The Nagaoka Grand Fireworks Festival is one of the largest fireworks festivals in Japan. The event began in 1879 and is held every year in the evenings of August 2nd and 3rd on the dry riverbed of the Shinano River, which runs through Nagaoka City. The unique and renowned Nagaoka fireworks created and used in this event have also been displayed overseas beginning in 2012 at both the 2012 Honolulu Festival and the 2012 Cherry Blossom “Sakura” Festival in Washington D.C.

One of the highlights included in this display are the “Starmines.” The fireworks, which are 90 centimeters in diameter and weight around 300 kilograms are launched over 600 meters into the sky and explode to large blossoms reaching 650 meters in diameter. There are many kinds of fireworks such as the pyro-musical display, which blend fireworks with music arrangements to create a synchronized musical lightshow displayed in the night sky. The Phoenix series of fireworks in the event’s program is a display representing the prayer for revival and recovery of the Great Chuetsu Earthquake which caused a wide range of damages, including flooding and landslides to the city and greater region of Niigata Prefecture in 2004. In the aftermath of the earthquake, many people turned to the song “Jupiter,” sung by Ayaka Hirahara, as their fight song to encourage their steps towards rebuilding and recovery. The song, which is highly requested on the radio, is the song the Phoenix pyro-musical display is set to.